A Global producer of Cetane Improver,
unmatched for performance.

CETPRO is a global producer of Cetane Improver : 2EthylHexyl Nitrate  (trade name Micet™) for over 25 years now from our plant in Belgium.

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Producing  Micet™ for  oVER 25 years

CETPRO is one of the world´s largest producers of Micet  ( 2 EthylHexyl Nitrate), a cetane number improver unmatched for performance.





What Does Micet™ Do ?

Micet™  helps Reduce Fuel Comsumption

Micet™  helps Reduce Co2 Emissions

Micet™  helps improve Engine durability

Micet™  helps improve cold weather starting

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Reduced fuel consumption

High cetane numbers in diesel used in conjunction with new diesel engines produce higher energy efficiency which results in lower consumption of diesel and helps to increase the effective engine life and reliabiltiy also.


Reduced emissions

A combination of the latest diesel engines using a high cetane number diesel are proven to have the lowest CO2 emissions solution of all the automotive transport options today.


Improved engine durability

Micet™ cetane improver in your diesel reduces vibration in the engine leading to a smoother running engine for a longer period of time.


Improved cold weather starting

Cetpro Micet™ is a highly effective additive to diesel fuel for reducing the ignition delay in diesel engines, particulary in colder climates.

Cetpro is a

Global ProduceR

Cetpro is a joint venture between YARA and MAXAM, two well known global companies. Our Micet™ plant is located near the city of Mons in Belgium, close to the Rotterdam-Antwerp hub, from where we can supply Micet™ at short notice to any world destination. We can deliver  worldwide within agreed timeframes quantities of our products to meet all our customer’s demands .

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