Cetane Improver 

What is a cetane improver?

Cetane improver is an additive that increases the cetane number of the diesel fuel.

Our product, Micet™ (2-ethyl-hexyl-nitrate)  is a cetane number improver  which complies with all  required standards for additives used to boost cetane number of diesel fuels.

Micet™ is used globally for the production of diesel performance packages with other diesel additives, such as cold flow-, conductivity-, and lubricity improvers and biocides. It is also widely used with diesel blends containing FAME and its additives, and other wide palettes of diesel blending stocks.

Micet™ helps to provide both Refineries and end-users  with considerable savings

Micet™  helps to increase  the performance of diesel fuels  by reducing ignition delay in particular

Micet™ helps reduce Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions

Micet™  helps to increase  the performance diesel engines and  improve their durability also

CetPro provides exclusively the highest quality 2-EHN in the market, thanks to its production process, the strict selection of the highest quality  raw materials only, with a  very tight control of its origin and quality. 

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